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November 1-3


Culture Shifting Weekend NYC – offers institutional investors, social impact investors, corporate venturers, and the investment community-at-large direct face-to-face engagement with the burgeoning Black venture capitalist GP community. CSW NYC 2018 featured 285 guests, 41 Venture Capitalists and 55 Investors.

Our 2018 event will feature many up & coming GPs from this group, and offer an inside look at the current state of this niche asset class: what trends are emerging, what partnering models are working, and what deals are getting done.  As with all of our events, gaining first-hand knowledge of what is happening, gaining access to deal flow, and building direct connections in this community are guaranteed.





A Milestone Year: 200+ Black Investors Are
Raising And 
Leading Funds In The U.S. In 2018

Moguldom - November 27, 2018

Diversity in Venture Capital: Scenes From
Culture Shifting Weekend

Xconomy - November 26, 2018


Kick-off Reception


7:00pm - 10:00pm



570 Tenth Avenue at W 42nd Street

New York, NY 10036

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Venture Capitalist Deal-Making Lunch & Fireside Chat


10:30am - 4:30pm


641 6th Avenue

New York, NY

Fireside Chats

Discussion with Jeremy Liew, Partner at Lightspeed Ventures and Denmark West, General Partner at Connectivity Ventures

Investors Who Spark Movements with Fred and Joanne Wilson, moderated by Aaron Holiday, Co-Founder & Managing Director at 645 Ventures


Alternative & Diverse Asset Manager Trends

This session will provide a high level overview of major trends in venture capital, from fund formation to team composition and capital allocation. The goal is to provide level setting context for the current situation and opportunity for emerging managers. 

Sometimes the key to starting a movement is identifying the destination and allowing people to join you on the journey. Fred and Joanne Wilson have done that a number of times. Fred is widely recognized for being a pioneer in the NYC venture ecosystem as well as one of the first VCs to blog. Joanne is revered for her early focus on female founders which has recently become a clarion call as more women raise their own funds. She is also a champion of emerging managers. Both Joanne and Fred have identified opportunities to change both where and how investments were made. Their championing of new goals has sparked movements that are still gaining steam today. In this discussion, Fred and Joanne tell us a little about how they got into investing and how they not only identified opportunities that others were not touting, but how they managed to attract support over time to create movements.

Institutional Investors

VC Lightning Talks and Investor Table Rotations

Institutional Investors represent the capital that emerging managers seek to scale their AUM. While the names are well known, the decision-making processes are not. In this panel, we get the opportunity to hear from institutional capital allocators on their approach and decision making process to direct capital.

Discussion with Rachel Lam, Co-Founder at Imagination Capital and Andrea Hoffman, Founder & CEO of Culture Shift Labs

Rachel Lam is one of the pioneers in Corporate Investing, having founded the investment group at Time Warner and managing investments like Maker Studios (sold to Disney), Blu Fin Labs (sold to Twitter), and Glu Mobile (NASDAQ: GLUU). She recently rejoined former Time Warner CEO Dick Parsons to found Imagination Capital, an early stage venture firm focusing on esports, big data and digital media. Rachel will tell us her story, how she and Dick decided this was what they wanted to do and the opportunity she sees in the market today.


5:30pm - 7:30pm

Press Lounge/Ink48 Hotel Rooftop

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Venture Capitalist Deal-Making Breakfast, Lunch & Fireside Chat


9:30am - 3:30pm


641 6th Avenue

New York, NY


Sovereign Wealth

Sovereign Wealth Funds are widely regarded as some of the world's most sophisticated investors and control nearly $7.5 Trillion in aggregate. However, this is a group of investors largely unknown to traditional venture capitalists. In this panel, we will meet representatives from some of the largest SWFs and hear about how they are set up, the types of investments they make, and the way they work with investment managers


Corporate Venture Capitalists

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The number of global active Corporate VC funds has tripled from 348 in 2011 to 965 in 2016, which includes 75 of the Fortune 100. More importantly, Corporates now represent almost 20% of the dollar volume of the global venture market. While Corporate VC funds as a group are a growing force in the market, they are not all built the same. In this panel, we will discuss some differences in structure (internal vs external), approach (lead vs join), focus (narrow vs broad), goals (strategic vs financial) and partnering.


Meet the Impact Investors

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Impact Investors are working to revolutionize the way capital is allocated to opportunities by aligning the pursuit of profit and purpose. With the rise of a more purpose driven generation, the AUM of Impact Investors grew from $46B in 2013 to $114B in 2016. Despite the growth in the market, Impact Investors still face challenges with mainstream misperceptions about deal quality, clarity of definitions and quality of measurements. In this panel, we will meet some of the top Impact Investors and discuss their definition of impact, measurements they believe matter, and both the opportunity and imperative the mainstream is overlooking.

Fund of Funds

Family Office

The first source of capital for many emerging managers is high net worth individuals. Family Offices are private companies established to manage investments and trusts for ultra high net worth individuals. These are families with net worth usually exceeding $100m. However, there are as many differences as similarities among Family Offices and this panel offers insights into the ways some of them make investment decisions.

Fund of Funds offer an investment strategy that focuses primarily on investing in other funds. As more Fund of Funds invest direct and more VCs invest in other funds, the distinction between these strategies is becoming more nuanced. In this panel, we discuss different strategies for funds who invest in funds

Fireside Chat

Finding Profit in Diversity
Fireside Chat with Deepak Krishnamurthy, EVP & Chief Strategy Officer, SAP and Andrea Hoffman, Founder & CEO, Culture Shift Labs

Founder & Executive Producer


Culture Shift Labs

Special Advisor

BLAIR C. SMITH // Founder & CEO,
Promethean AB Strategies, LLC


DENMARK WEST // General Partner,
Connectivity Ventures

REGINALD VAN LEE // Retired Booz Allen Executive and Renowned Management Consultant

Host Committee

HOZEFA BOTEE // Partner, Gunderson Dettmer

JAMES EARL BROWN III // Founder & General Partner, Arena Growth Partners


RANDALL CLARK // Startup Lawyer, Gunderson Dettmer

WILLIAM CROWDER // Partner, 42 Venture Partners

GORDON DAVIDSON // Chairman, Fenwick & West, LLP

JILL FORD // Principal, Toyota AI Ventures

ARINDAM GUHA // Corporate Development - M&A, Investments & Strategy, IBM

VERNON LEE, JR. // Executive, Infinitive Insight


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