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November 1 - 2


About the Event

Culture Shifting Weekend NYC – offers institutional investors, social impact investors, corporate venturers, and the investment community-at-large direct face-to-face engagement with the burgeoning Black venture capitalist GP community. As our 2017 event reported, there are over 120 Black GPs currently seeking the right partners and paths forward for their funds.  

Our 2018 event will feature many up & coming GPs from this group, and offer an inside look at the current state of this niche asset class: what trends are emerging, what partnering models are working, and what deals are getting done.  As with all of our events, gaining first-hand knowledge of what is happening, gaining access to deal flow, and building direct connections in this community are guaranteed.

Culture Shifting Weekend NYC 2018
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9th annual Culture Shifting Weekend NYC 2018