November 2 - 3



Culture Shift Weekend NYC – offers institutional investors, social impact investors, corporate venturers,
and the investment community-at-large direct face-to-face engagement with the burgeoning
Black venture capitalist GP community.


As our 2017 event reported, there are over 120 Black GPs currently seeking the right partners and paths
forward for their funds. Our 2018 event will feature many up & coming GPs from this group, and offer an
inside look at the current state of this niche asset class: what trends are emerging, what partnering models
are working, and what deals are getting done.

As with all of our events, gaining first-hand knowledge of
what is happening, gaining access to deal flow, and building direct connections in this community are guaranteed.

Sponsorship opportunities allow you to:

  • To leapfrog your alternative investment efforts, by gaining early introductions to the rising small, new, and niche GPs and the high performing executives-of-color in the Black VC community.

  • To inform one’s engagement, serving, and investing strategies by learning the realities and needs of this niche GP community (and what strategies and tactics others are using that show promise for increasing investment capital flow).

  • To gain a inside look at the these GPs investment success stories.

  • To build brand equity in this emerging diversity & inclusion space, in what was described at the World Economic Forum in Davos this year as: the path to a shared future.

    (Note: We expect 80 to 100 GPs with over 150 funds being represented.)

Dont miss out on being part of this impactful event!

Sponsorships are designed to support a company’s business, professional, corporate and community development goals.

Each sponsorship can be tailored upon request to incorporate some of the a la carte items below, including multi-year, multi-market sponsorships.


*Indicates additional costs will be incurred for venue and catering.

For more information, contact Andrea Hoffman at 973-846-0155 or


A La Carte Items

For discussion of tailored sponsorships and

multi-year, multi-market partnerships.


  • Media Partner

  • :30 second post event video to be used for leadership development, marketing and promotion

  • Partner with Square 1 Bank to co-host the Nov. 1st kick off party at Yotel

  • CSW customized and co-branded 3-5 minute video for company use internally and externally

  • Underwrite the VIP Dinner

  • Co-host the Friday evening Networking Cocktail Reception

  • Use of Katapult Assessment or Katapult Certification

  • Host a CSL pop-up event

  • Curate corporate or special event with diverse SME’s

  • By the hour consulting on diversity, inclusion, innovation strategy and activation

  • Become the underwriter of the Black VC’s e-Newsletter and Directory

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It’s great that Google is sponsoring the Culture Shifting Weekend: Silicon Valley 2016. Inclusion helps drive innovation, and this event is an important step in bringing that to life in Silicon Valley, and the technology industry."

David Drummond

Senior Vice President of Corporate Development Alphabet

What never ceases to amaze me, is the power when a convener like Andrea can pull together people that are from different walks of  life, but who are oriented towards the same thing, using the power of their business, their entrepreneurial energy, and who they are to make the world a better place."

Cheryl Kiser

Executive Director The Lewis Institute and Babson Social Innovation Lab

I’m very excited about what Andrea is doing and how she brings people together…to figure out how we create wealth and drive innovation.”

Michael Robinson

VP, Healthcare North America, VMware

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Andrea is one of those few people that has the passion, to power human connection."

Chinedu Echeruo

Founder, Giga Meet

Andrea has the ability to convene thought leaders around essential issues and get them to put intentions and actions in motion."

Robert F. Smith

Chairman & CEO, Vista Equity Partners

Culture Shifting Weekend is a unique opportunity to spend quality time with influential, yet under the radar corporate movers and shakers of color. These leaders candidly share their personal journeys in ways I've not experienced anywhere else. There’s no other event like it."

Glen Day

Principal, Americas Information Governance Leader, Ernst & Young LLP

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Founder & Executive Producer


Culture Shift Labs


DENMARK WEST // General Partner,
Connectivity Ventures

REGINALD VAN LEE // Retired Booz Allen Executive and Renowned Management Consultant